Issam Haddad, age 26, is a newly qualified mechanical engineer and LP Kolding’s new sales and project worker. We are very pleased to have added a young man of his commitment and passion to our team. There is always much to learn when you are newly qualified, but when the commitment and ambitions are great, so are the possibilities.

I chose to train as a mechanical engineer because I was fascinated by how deeply you dive into the details of what you do. As mechanical engineers, we base our work on both the qualities of the materials and the functionality of the solutions. I am probably a little nerdy, but I find it fascinating to take part in creating something entirely from scratch. This is also one of the reasons why I really wanted to work here at LP Kolding. Here I am given the opportunity to have a dialogue with the customer about their needs, design a solution, draw up a plan for the production and cooperate with the metal workers in the workshop about the practical aspects as well as the details of the production. LP Kolding is home to an enormous amount of knowledge and many competencies which are not taught at school. I hope that I also contribute with new knowledge and new ideas. I really enjoy the contact with everyone involved in the projects. And I look very much forward to seeing the first stainless tank designed and drawn by me in operation with a customer, says Issam.

When he is not at work, he spends his time with his wife and daughter, playing amateur football with his friends and helping young people, who are having a hard time finding a direction in life, start an education.