LP Kolding A/S enjoys a good foundation of competencies, experience and know-how. This benefits our customers every single day, but we would like to become even better. Our professional ambitions and increasing growth have prompted us to create the new position of operations manager, and to assume this responsibility we have employed Allan Veenstra, age 47. Among other tasks, Allan will be helping us in optimising our production and everyday processes. In the past, Allan has held positions such as head of production and operations manager, and originally he trained as a blacksmith, so he already has a good sense of LP Kolding.

I really like optimisation and improvement work, so I am very pleased that I have been given this opportunity. I do think that LP Kolding is already doing a very good job, but there is always room for improvement, and I look forward to getting this process started. First, I would like to get to know the company and the employees better, but then I also hope to engage some of the colleagues who enjoy working with development. There are always some who would like to focus on their profession and tasks, and then there are those who would like to take part in development work and think innovatively. In my opinion, we do have and must have room for both which is why I would like to hold off before I start introducing good ideas. LP Kolding is not a company in need of revolution. As I see it, we are talking adjustments. Initiatives such as review meetings and optimisation of safety within the company might be some of the topics I address before long. I am a pragmatist, so for me the most important thing is that the changes we make add value to the company, the customers and the employees, says Allan.

When he is not at work, he is out running, watching football with his friends, walking his little dog or spending time with his daughters.