than 50 years of

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Knowledge makes the difference - specialized engineering, technical expertise and craftsmanship!

For more than 50 years, LP Kolding has designed and produced stainless steel tanks, units, pipe systems and process equipment. Professional pride and engineer-driven innovation and good craftsmanship is the foundation and driving force to our development of new and innovative solutions.

Design and production of stainless steel tanks

Stainless steel tanks for foodstuffs were the first products that LP Kolding offered its customers, and today stainless steel tanks remain one of our core products. LP Kolding custom manufactures stainless steel tanks for every purpose and with many possibilities for adaptations during the process. Together with you, we clarify how the tank should be constructed…

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Stainless steel process equipment for your needs

There are many productions requiring stainless steel process equipment for the production, processing and handling of raw materials. LP Kolding has the pleasure of working with several specialized customers. These customers place high demands on our production of stainless steel process equipment for their production lines, as this is a prerequisite for them being able to offer…

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Stainless steel units – from single components to advanced facilities

We custom manufacture units for a wide range of different purposes, and we can advise you regarding choice of material, design and surface treatment so that you get the function and quality that suits your needs and your production. Regardless of whether you have a simple component that requires replacement in your existing facility, or if you…

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We have structured and refined the processes that lead to the best solutions.


At LP Kolding, we are dedicated to creating the most valuable solutions for our customers.


Read what our customers say about working with LP Kolding and about our products.

Latest articles

Velkommen til Gustav Hansen

Han er klar til at følge din opgave fra idé til levering Hos LP Kolding har vi gjort lidt af et scoop, da vi fik ansat Gustav Hansen i vores salgs- og projektafdeling, for han er ligesom resten af os fokuseret på hele tiden at gøre tingene lidt bedre. Hør bare her: En af de…

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Mød fremtidens klejnsmed

Jeg kan godt lide, når arbejdet kræver præcision Hos LP Kolding er vores dygtige medarbejdere helt afgørende for, at vi kan levere de løsninger, vores kunder har behov for. Mange vælger os til specialopgaver og nicheproduktioner, og det kræver medarbejdere, som kan bruge både deres hænder og hoved. Fordi vi er stolte af vores håndværk,…

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Requirements for hygienic tanks

Stainless steel is essentially a very hygienic material that has numerous positive qualities. For example, it is an ideal material to use in the production of foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals, where hygiene requirements are very strict. The reason why stainless steel does not rust in the same way as ordinary iron is primarily due to the combination…

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