What does this have to do with stainless tanks?

At the dairy Naturmælk, ambitions are high. They want to deliver the healthiest dairy products with the best taste. Additionally, they live by the motto: “We did not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrowed it from our children.”

It is almost implied that they demand that the milk supplied to them by the many organic farmers be processed with prudence and respect. The processing of the milk must be both effective and gentle – regardless of whether it is to be made into butter, yogurt or simply a nice, cold glass of milk straight out of the fridge.

LP Kolding is one of Naturmælk’s regular suppliers when they need tanks and agitators at the dairy. In the image, you can see the stainless steel tanks delivered by us a few years ago. The task was fairly straightforward: Two 2,500-litre tanks were to be delivered for the production of various lightly fermented products. There was just one little challenge; the tanks had to be installable in an existing dairy building. This meant that we had to develop the entire design based on the space and the framework in which the tanks were to be installed.

Further to this, it was important that the agitators be able to run consistently at an appropriately low speed. This ensures that the processing of the milk is sufficiently gentle while delivering a product of the highest quality and complete homogeneity.

Fortunately, we at LP Kolding love challenges which is why we also accepted this one. It has been almost two years since the tanks were installed in the production facility of Naturmælk.

At present, we are working on another project for Naturmælk given that several of their current butter churns need maintenance. This task was also given to LP Kolding which allowed us a pleasant revisit to the tanks mentioned above.