Solid experience with materials is a prerequisite for the quality of advice and solutions that LP Kolding can deliver. It is not enough to just select the right materials, they must also be bent, welded and surface treated correctly in order to attain the right quality.

There may be specific requirements for the materials and the surface treatment to be used on your stainless steel constructions. If the process plant, for example, be used for foodstuffs or pharmaceutical products, the requirements for traceability and the quality in materials, welds and surface treatments is much higher than if it’s only meant to process sewage.

LP Kolding has specific and solid experience with many types of stainless steel alloys, including acid-resistant, heat resistant steel alloys and the following alloy types:

  • 253 MA
  • 254 SMO
  • AISI 904 L
  • Duplex steel – SAF 2205 / SAF 2507
  • Hastelloy
  • Inconell

Our material expertise and experience with processing many types of stainless steel alloys extends across the entire production. From expertise in procurement, with special consideration towards the material during the production planning, to the craftsman’s knowledge of machining and welding steel.

There are many metal alloys, for example, which require a high expertise in processing because it’s not possible to correct errors after they’ve been made. Welding, cutting and bending the stainless steel must be done right the first time! This requires skilled steel workers, which LP Kolding is proud to have.

Which quality should you choose?

Which quality is right for the production of your stainless steel tank, unit or process equipment depends on what you will use it for and which loads it must be able to withstand. If you’re in doubt which stainless steel material you should choose, allow us to advise you in the process.