There are many productions requiring stainless steel process equipment for the production, processing and handling of raw materials.

LP Kolding has the pleasure of working with several specialized customers. These customers place high demands on our production of stainless steel process equipment for their production lines, as this is a prerequisite for them being able to offer high quality products to their respective markets.

At LP Kolding, we are used to meeting the stringent requirements of process equipment for foodstuffs and pharmaceutical products. We can manage the entire documentation process for materials as well as work processes, and the short path of communication between our engineers and production makes it easy to deal with changes along the way in the process.

What are the requirements for your stainless steel process equipment?

At LP Kolding, it is a pleasure working with our customers with the construction and design of stainless steel process equipment. It is not uncommon that our cooperation often is based upon a functional description rather than a product description.

If you can describe the function to us and can tell us if, for example, the process equipment must be able to withstand pressure and temperature effects, allow for sampling during the production, require sensors and meters along the process, have hygiene requirements, as well as describe the possibilities for connections and applications you may require – then our skilled and experienced engineers can advise you about the construction.

Do you not know all of the requirements of your stainless steel process equipment?

When it comes to production of stainless steel process equipment for larger production lines, we are accustomed to making sure all decisions are made before the construction begins. This can include specifications of various connections that are unknown, or the placement of measuring equipment that depends on where other parts of the plant are placed.

At LP Kolding, there is just one door between the engineer’s office and the craftsmen in the production hall, which makes it easy to follow the production continuously and implement adjustments along the way in the process.

Contact us about stainless steel process equipment

Over the years, LP Kolding has delivered stainless steel process equipment for both foodstuffs production and bio gas facilities, for fermentation and flue gas cleaning – and many more.  We would also be happy to help you with your challenges.