7 steps to good cooperation

For more than 50 years we have gathered experience and expertise with the production and process that is needed for a good solution. We use this experience every day when we advise and guide our customers with regards to the production of stainless steel tanks, units and process equipment.


Defining the task - Proposing a solution - Applying necessary changes

It all begins with your need for the production of stainless steel equipment. Sometimes we receive the first request early in the process, before the customer is ready to specify needs and requirements, but where they still need advice and insight into the possibilities.  As the process proceeds, it becomes possible to form a proper task definition, to which we can develop a solution. This gives you a specific description to consider and possibly amend.

Budget - Schedule - Delivery

When we agree about the fundamental task solution, LP Kolding prepares an offer so that you can gain insight into both the budget and expected schedule, as well as how the delivery may be performed.



Critical task formulation - End solution proposal - Approval/amendment

After you have accepted the budget and delivery terms, the actual solution of your task begins. Here, we ensure that no information is lacking with regards to the task solution - or that we at least have an overview of the things that may change along the way. This could be the size and location of connections that lack definitive descriptions, or it may be the location of sensors and other measurement equipment that await final clarification.

Drawing – Construction – Plate unfolding– Purchase and ordering of materials

The completed solution proposal creates the basis for the production. The technical order processing begins with the engineering work and preparation of technical drawings, planning and ordering of the necessary materials. Here, it is important that know the documentation requirements of hygiene, for example, so that we ensure that all materials are made of the right quality and come with the proper documentation for the sake of traceability.



Preparing the workshop - Surface treatment

Next, the actual production begins in our production hall, where our experienced steel workers and welders expertly perform their trade. If any questions arise along the way, or if you have amendments to your production specifications, adjustments are easily implemented across the office and production hall, as project managers can continuously monitor and document the processing and production.

Inspection – Documentation

Before a finished stainless steel production leaves LP Kolding's production hall, it goes through one final inspection. In the case of stainless steel solutions that must meet strict hygiene requirements this may, for example, include a penetrant test of all welds to ensure that there are neither weaknesses nor impurities in the joints. After the inspection, the final documentation is prepared and delivered together with the product to you, so that you have all of the information that you require.



Follow-up – Feedback

Even with our 50 years of experience and many happy customers, we would still like to develop and become better still. That's why we appreciate receiving feedback from our customers regarding both the task solution and the process.  If you have ideas or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us - and don't be surprised if we contact you!

Short chain of command creates flexibility

Even though the process here appears quite linear, it's not uncommon that changes and adjustments arise during the course of the production process. This can, for example, be because the requirements for connections, measuring equipment or the like change along the way.

That's why at LP Kolding, we have organized ourselves such that your project manager has an office right beside the production. This enables good internal communication, making it easy to propose changes and ask questions along the way, and providing you with the possibilities that a flexible production entails.

Ready to work together?

We are always happy to receive new customers and partners. If you have a challenge, we would be happy to help you solve it. If you would like to know a bit more about us, you are welcome to come and visit our facilities and production, meet our employees and talk to our project leaders before we begin the cooperation.