With more than 50 years of experience, Kemic Vandrens knows everything worth knowing about water purification. Today, many of Denmark’s 2,500 waterworks tanks use galvanized or painted steel, but in the future the waterworks will seek the higher standards that also apply to dairies. This is where stainless steel filter tanks come in.

The tanks must not only store water. Danish groundwater must be rid of manganese and iron when it is extracted from the subsoil before it can be turned into drinking water for Danish citizens. In this process, the water must go through a cleaning filter in a pressure tank.

Kemic Vandrens has already incorporated these future standards and offers its customers stainless steel tanks for water purification – stainless steel tanks that LP Kolding has helped develop and produce.

CEO Henrik Laugesen had delivered the design and piping equipment to the facility, but needed a competent partner for the production of the containers themselves.

LP Kolding delivers a great product. And they can also manage the entire PED documentation, so I don’t need to spend my energy on that. LP Kolding is probably the best firm in Denmark for producing perfect stainless steel containers for us.

Henrik Laugesen, CEO of Kemic Vandrens

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