Stainless steel tanks for foodstuffs were the first products that LP Kolding offered its customers, and today stainless steel tanks remain one of our core products.

LP Kolding custom manufactures stainless steel tanks for every purpose and with many possibilities for adaptations during the process. Together with you, we clarify how the tank should be constructed and review the particular needs that you may have for the tank’s subsequent operation. Do you need measuring equipment, pipework or applications?

We supply tanks for powders, liquids and gasses and can construct them such that they are resistant to pressure and temperature effects.

We are happy to advise regarding strength, insulation and cladding of the tank, so that you receive a tank that doesn’t simply meet your requirements, but is also constructed so that it is functional and practical in day to day operation.

Depending on your needs and the tank’s purpose, we can guide you regarding the quality, shape and design of the tank. Our engineers and designers have an overview of the process and the possibilities, and can guide you through the entire process as your professional sparring partner and adviser.

Stainless steel tanks for foodstuffs and pharmaceutical products

When it comes to construction and production of tanks for foodstuffs or pharmaceutical products, for example, there are particular requirements and considerations that are considered throughout the manufacturing. Not least with regards to the tank’s design, where it must be ensured that operation and the possibility for cleaning the tank afterwards can live up to stringent hygienic requirements.

During the production, continuous quality controls are required as well as high-quality welds and a very fine surface treatment, all to ensure that no impurities are concealed.

Before foodstuffs or pharmaceutical product tanks leave our production, they are always tested to ensure that they live up to the applicable requirements for surface finishing, hygienic design and function.

Documentation that is in accordance with the applicable laws and EU-regulations are handled by LP Kolding throughout the entire production, and can also be delivered with PED approval and CE marking.

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Over the years, LP Kolding has delivered stainless steel tanks to both Greenland and Rwanda, for sewage and sterile productions, for storage and for processes – and we can also help you with your challenges too.