When Laursen and Pedersen founded LP Kolding in 1964, it was with the aim of providing customers with better stainless steel tanks, units and process plants - and this remains true today. LP Kolding operates according to five fundamental values:


We are dedicated to our customers

Our business is based on custom-built solutions dedicated to your particular needs. Therefore, your challenges are also our challenges, and we will do everything we can to help you solve them. All of our experience and knowledge is at your disposal, ensuring that you get the best solution regardless of what we have to produce for you. This is how we guarantee that you get the best product, and this is how we build long-term customer relationships that we appreciate.


A good dialogue lays the foundation for a good product

A good dialogue about your challenges and needs is essential for us to produce the right solution for you. Therefore, you will find that we take the time to ask questions and talk about the possibilities with you. Your description of the challenges and needs form the basis of our proposed solution. This way, we get the best results!


Our customers are not always right

At LP Kolding, we are lucky to have many exciting and skilled customers, but not many of our customers are experts in stainless steel constructions. That's why we see it as our duty to share our knowledge with you and point out if there are weaknesses or disadvantages to your proposed solution.

Our discernment and honest feedback are your guarantee for a well-functioning end product.


Our know-how is your security

LP Kolding employs 24 specially trained, educated and experienced employees who have experience with the entire process - from idea to delivered solution. That's why we would be happy to advise throughout the process, from the design stage to the technical processing of the materials during construction and assembly.


We think solutions right through to operation

Process plants, units and tanks from LP Kolding are constructed and used across the world. That's why we don't just think about how we can solve the task you request - we also consider how it will subsequently be mounted and operated.  When it comes to our solutions, we think about the long-term; quality checking and re-checking them so that they are fully operational and independent of us as manufacturer.

Ready to work together?

We are always happy to receive new customers and partners. If you have a challenge, we would be happy to help you solve it. If you would like to know a bit more about us, you are welcome to come and visit our facilities and production, meet our employees and talk to our project managers before we begin cooperation.