LP Kolding was founded in 1964, when two men named Laursen and Pedersen had a good idea of a smarter way to make milk tank trucks. From this time until present, innovation, design and production of stainless steel tanks, units and process equipment have been the business’ focal point. This has in part contributed to improving our eye for quality and optimization with regards to production for demanding branches such as the foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals industries. But our short chain of command between engineers in the office and steel workers in production has also played a part in allowing functional and innovative solutions to surface easily.

Today, Laursen and Pedersen are no longer in the company. However, it remains family-owned, and the CEO Mogens Andreasen owns the majority of the company. This provides a good basis for the professional pride and the close relationship with the partners that many customers have come to appreciate.

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If there are challenges to solving a task there is no top management to hide behind, and employees are acknowledged right away when they go the extra mile.  It is exactly this close relationship to the customers and the professional recognition that motivates all of LP Kolding’s employees every day.

LP Kolding’s 26 happy employees are ready to help you.

Today, LP Kolding employs 26 happy employees consisting of 17 skilled steel workers, 3 apprentices and 6 employees in the office working with planning, designing, offers and customer service. Each one is ready to provide you with good service and professional advice.