Nikodan is a machine factory that delivers transport belts and conveyor systems for both the food, non-food and pharma industries.

With regards to delivery of huge tranporters or conveyor systems for processing powder products used in the foodstuffs industry, Nikodan and LP Kolding have cooperated in producing an encapsulation for the systems.

For the production to be hygienic, the transporter must be cleaned often and meticulously. In Nikodan’s conveyor system, all sides and edges of the transport belt are cleaned with 44 water jets, after which it is heated to accelerate the drying process.

This process is only possible because the encapsulation to the transporter is 100% made of a material that does not rust through contact with water, and that can withstand large temperature fluctuations without the material wearing out. This was solved by encapsulating the conveyor in a custom designed tank with integrated CIP nozzles.

That’s why over the course of the last few years, LP Kolding has delivered several of this type of hygienic and completely sealed conveyor encapsulation to Nikodan.

Steel tanks are a part of the bearing construction

At the same time, the tanks function as part of the bearing construction in the finished equipment. That’s why the cooperation between Nikodan and LP Kolding is tight-knit, and based on both parties contributing with design ideas for the system.

Nikodan – because they know how the 2.5 meter wide and 14 meter long conveyor must function. And LP Kolding – with our expertise in materials and tanks. We can design and produce a tank that encloses the process equipment for hygienic purposes, as well as take care of all of the documentation for material selection in sheets and flat steel as well as ensure the seal of the welds that is required in the foodstuffs industry.

In our cooperation with LP Kolding, we have not only benefited from their highly professional skills in producing tanks. We have also benefited from their incredible flexibility, which in the midst of a busy period were able to help us with producing frame constructions for our conveyor systems – a task that they eagerly took without having tried it before. This just shows that they truly know their trade as craftsmen.

Chris Hansen, partner in Nikodan

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