The pharmaceutical company Leo Pharma produces the blood thinning medicine used in surgery, Heparin, among others. Heparin is produced using a long and controlled process consisting of many stages.

In some of these stages, stainless steel tanks are used for storing the substance sodium hydroxide, as water tanks and in the dosing and separation process stage. Some tanks additionally require various pipe installations in order to take samples from the tanks during the production. These sub-processes are performed in custom manufactured steel tanks from LP Kolding.

Stringent requirements in medicine production

As a manufacturer of tanks for the intensive processes found in the pharmaceuticals industry, it is important that the work is performed competently and with serious welding quality and inspection. In addition, the documentation is a very time consuming process – a process that LP Kolding takes care of for Kim Lundeborg at LEO Pharma.

The cooperation between Kim Lundeborg at LEO Pharma and LP Kolding is based on 20 years of meetings in various industry contexts, where the construction of an Anhydro process plant, among others, was one of our previous cooperations.

“LP Kolding has a highly professional approach to cooperating and treating their customers well and fairly. I see the ability to always talk with them along the way as a large advantage.”

Kim Lundeborg, LEO Pharma

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