Have you stopped by our location lately? If so, you will probably have noticed that a lot more than stainless tanks and facilities are surrounding our buildings at Egtvedvej in Kolding, Denmark.

The decision to expand by 190 new square metres was made in the autumn of 2019, and early in the spring the construction work began. This was before the Coronavirus took over the entire agenda, and in many ways that was good because who knows if we had postponed the work otherwise? Now the work continues, and we have thus contributed a little to keeping the wheels of industry going, and we are now even more pleased that we chose many local suppliers for the job.

Right after Easter – at appropriate distance and with hands sanitised – we were able to conduct our topping-out ceremony and thank the craftsmen for their good effort.

When the expansion is complete, we will have an additional 190 m2 of office, canteen and changing room facilities. We look forward to giving our employees much better working conditions than what they have today given that many of our facilities are as old as the company itself.

Further to this, we look forward to offering our customers and suppliers much better facilities when they visit us. These days visitors are few and far between, but in general we see an increasing interest in our competencies and solutions, and we saw stable growth in the past years, so one meeting room is no longer enough.

An increasing number of our customers visit us for a so-called FAT – Factory, Acceptance and Test, which typically stretches over a couple of days, and it means a lot that we can have several customers visiting us at the same time and offer them proper facilities.

According to plan, we can start using the new building before the summer holidays.