We custom manufacture units for a wide range of different purposes, and we can advise you regarding choice of material, design and surface treatment so that you get the function and quality that suits your needs and your production.

Regardless of whether you have a simple component that requires replacement in your existing facility, or if you need stainless steel units that perform advanced functions and that must meet special requirements, LP Kolding has the expertise required to both advise you through the process and deliver exactly the stainless steel unit that you need. This may, for example, include units for spray drying, pasteurization, dosing, hot-fill or flash cooling.

We start with your description of the function that the stainless steel unit needs to fulfill when we prepare the proposal for a specific solution. You know everything about the process and the function, while we contribute with expertise on stainless steel, design, insulation and implementation.

3-D drawings of stainless steel unit

Stainless steel units must fit in perfectly with the rest of your production line, and it is not uncommon that we deliver units to facilities in other parts of the world where it is critical that the facility is complete and ready for immediate operation after the installation, without the need for modifications and adjustments.

To ensure high quality and safety while producing units, we always work using a 3-D visualization of the stainless steel unit’s structure. 3-D drawings provide you with a precise image of how we will solve the task, and also make it possible to check whether there are any discrepancies between your needs and our proposed solution.

You can read more about our work processes here.

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Over the years, LP Kolding has delivered stainless steel units for both foodstuffs production and pharmaceutical products, units that can withstand both heat and cold, and ones that can meet the most stringent hygiene requirements.