Welcome to LP Kolding Pharma

For several years, we at LP Kolding have supplied stainless production equipment and tanks to the pharma industry. With us having taken over part of the production of the former company Dansk Rustfri, we have now been able to create a department with particular focus on this specific area of production.

This dedicated focus will help ensure continued development of skills and high quality for the customers within this area of business, making us an even more attractive collaborator to the entire industry.

Capacity and capability”. These are the key words of the business strategy which LP Kolding has been following in recent years, and which are now also the reason why we can dedicate an entire department to the focus on delivering stainless production equipment to the pharma industry.

Generally within the pharma industry, there is a sky-high focus on documentation and quality which is to be combined with the craftmanship skills of producing the tanks. For a long time, we at LP Kolding have been focusing on being able to deliver customised tanks, units and process equipment to customers with specific needs, which has led to an increase in demand. For this reason, we were quick to say yes to taking over part of the company Dansk Rustfri when given the opportunity – it gave us an obvious opportunity to expand our capacity to correspond with the skills and the knowhow we have built. Already a few months after the takeover, we have delivered the first parts of a large order to a major international medical company.

The customer is happy and satisfied, and to us this is evidence that we made the right decision, says our CEO Mogens Feld-Andreasen, who, when taking over the production, also made an agreement with the 10 employees in the department to transfer to LP Kolding.

However, the pharma customers of the former Dansk Rustfri have hardly noticed much change because the quality management, the documentation, the place of production and the employees are exactly the same as before.

But internally we notice that we have added extra resources, just like we can supplement each other with knowledge and knowhow. With this new department, we are even better equipped to handle large orders requiring specific competencies. This is important in a market which is consolidating into fewer and larger units, says Mogens Feld-Andreasen.